Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Churches and religeous institutions must be exempt from having to marry two of the same sex

These questions exemptions must be put in place if same sex marriage is legislated. This is some have the rights to reject same sex marriage based on religious beliefs and views. 

This  amendment in the 1993 bill by Clover Moore in the NSW parliament in Nov 1993 whqn Clovee Moore introduced the bill to give religious institutions exemption and then rights to discriminate and openly reject homosexuality. It must be also  introduced with a same sex marriage bill in the NSW parliament.

This is a must or we are loosing our rights and freedom to a Cultural Marxist homosexual lobby groups agenda and our freedom is going out the window For a political agenda pushed by the Cultural Marxist (Frankfurt School of Social thought) - The Frankfurt School of Social thought and same sex marriage

I believe those faithful that speak out against same sex marriage will be attacked like this which is attacking me.  -----------------------------------------------
Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.04 Thursday September 29th 2016

My comments 
One good set of comments on this issue from a church in Melbourne - correct teaching on same sex marriage

If same sex marriage is legislated religious institutions must be given the Right to out rightly reject same sex marriage on the basis of religious belief 

I am in total agreement with George Christendom MP for Dawson over same sex marriage and religious exemption 

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