Monday, 12 September 2016

Dear Infamous Dr Philip Moriarty, University of Nottingham

Dear Professor,

I have seen your social commentary and I love it.

My dad has been before the courts for 3 years for the crime of linking to a scientific paper on PUBMED. He paid $300 for it and submitted it to the court (

Here is his original comment, notice the embedded video in the title of your web browser that no longer loads due to censorship.

Here's the comment I put all over YouTube before I found your email for this once off submission (1 reply one email rule in effect indefinitely as a courtesy to you as this detracts from your job and focus)

As a Scientist you should be concerned it's now against the law to even link to papers (multiple examples not just the one I cited above - see links below) that gay judges don't agree with - or don't even agree of the title of in the Case of Robert Oscar Lopez Phd who gave evidence in the US SCOTUS gay marriage decision (sources in link below Sunol's blog).

Is this the death of the scientific method? Something to blog about in your down time.
. .
. (by taking away power from the lawyers to prosecute the case and putting BIASED GLLO police in charge of charging people for thought crimes)


No, you can have some real fun with thunderf00t if you agree to debate him on "LGBTIQXYZ issues". I put this comment on his YouTube channel to trigger him. My father is really being persecuted and it's case law not conspiracy theory. Please consider my proposal to make an even greater arse (UK spelling) out of him than he already is! Here's my father's radio interview: You could choose a tamer topic than the one below, for example isn't it grand that the MET (UK Police) decided to segregate gay police from regular police because all heterosexuals have been deemed to inferior to do the bidding of any elite gay complainant, or the law in Australia saying that only homosexuals can be victims of bias motivated crimes and heterosexuals are fair game targets of "lawful discrimination" that need to get to the back of the bus along with Rosa Parks. And I quote almost verbatim Unix style as opposed to your XML tags: echo "It's not against the law to discriminate against someone who is not white it's only against the law to discriminate against someone who is white" | sed 's/white/homosexual/g' Does that sound bigoted? Bigoted queers making law is the reality downunder. -- Warning: you will be triggered -- In Australia you can loose your house for criticizing published gay marriage activists Mark J Netwon and Peter Truong who did ram their penises into the baby Bum of a Russian human trafficked infant DRAKE NEWTON. @NCATNSW Gay judge Alexander John Wakefield ruled you must not to the crime of homosexual vilification of criticizing the gay marriage activists ramming their cock up a screaming babies arse - you must not do hate speech against it. It's serious homosexual vilification 2 years jail under the nsw anti-discrimination act 1977. Here's the case law Remember because they said the Magic words on Australian ABC national state broadcaster TV " I AM GAY ITS HOMOPHOBIC TO OPPOSE US" (listen here before getting 40 years jail for baby anal rape in the USA - Those magic words "I AM GAY" means they will always be gay and must always be respected even with they were convicted are forcing their cocks up baby butts. Flag this as hate speech you think it's wrong to oppose published gay marriage activists anally raping infants. I hope YouTube reports you to the authorities for loving child anal rape if you press the google report button you sick faggot. To everyone else - FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH - WE NEED TO TRIGGER THOSE WHO LOVE RAPING KIDS - WHO CARES IF THE BOYLOVERS INC GET OFFENDED. The greatest gay activist in Singapore Alex Au (first to open gay orgy bathhouse there) put up uncensored photos of the baby rapists Mark Newton and Peter Truong after they were arrested with their child rape victim and said LOOK AT THE HAPPY FAMILY. WHO CAN OPPOSE GAY MARRIAGE, GAY ADOPTION OR SODOMY LAWS NOW. CAN'T YOU SEE BOYLOVING IS SO RIGHT? Sarcasm was intended. I hope you are trigged leftist pedophiles. Please reply and say it's wrong to hate anal sex with infants like I do, and tell everyone I'm a big bad hater for not being a boylover like you. --- The inflammatory text was for thunderf00t - Wordpress refuses to take the image down of the who gay dads child rapists with their victim, because the request is homophobic says WordPress (Automatica inc aka support. Imagine what it would be like to be Drake Newton and be told it's homophobic to be against your rapists using you as a poster boy for the movement they used to get custody of your body to use for sex since 2 weeks old orally and 22 months anally. Sorry you want to actually see the case law for that? Ok.. And "boycuddle2" the sexually explict legal document above is Peter Truong according to an Lesbian Journalist Carrol Meldrum-Hanna - read the transcript. And remember it is a crime to dissent against this infant sexual abuse only facilitated in 30 countries because the Australian government broke it's own laws to issue a passport without a DNA test to a non-biologically related child for overseas commercial surrogacy to two gay men who had domicile in state with overseas exploitative commercial surrogacy gets two years jail, and the local police cleared them unlike the FBI. Imagine that? It's now politically incorrect to oppose gay dads going to the 3rd world and paying cash for human flesh or as Mark Newton and Peter Truong did - Australian government facilitated HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It's a hate crime to dissent against human trafficking now if gay marriage activists do it. Under international law if a child is moved across international borders using no, or forged / illegally obtained travel papers for the purposes of forced labor or sexual abuse it meets the UN's definition of human trafficking. Don't hate human trafficking you homophobe! . As a father 3 of three (I of one) how can we not want to debate this issue for the sake of children safety. My father is being sued for making a scientific argument and linking to PUBMED if you actually see his case. And also Thunderf00t Why is everyone quiet about this peer reviewed scientific paper? You could also talk about 3 year olds being given taxpayer funded sex changes in Australia, and chemical castration for gay dads gender-selected-designer-babies. Mad science and gender theory is the greatest threat to human existence. What new virus will wipe us out that will start with children having 2+ same sex biological parents. Anyone going to study the risks of making children from 3 or more biological parents? Changing our DNA chances our exposure to viruses and our fertility. May god help us if science doesn't set limits on what it "explores". .

this material from Luke is very serious, was ordered to take it down by senior police or face prosecution for accessory to the fact of criminal activity menacing using electronic carriage ways
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