Thursday, 8 September 2016

Declaration of world war : officially announced by the United Nations !!!

This has come from a number different sources and this is official.  This is the declaration of world war 3, I would take note to this video and I will regularly write on this topic. 

We have been waiting and now it is official by this you tube. 

Expect things to pick up from now on and I will be going full time on this blog. 

NB: I would officialy like to let those goats or fools who think that they can shut me up. I do not need to use my desk top at home. I have a Galaxy note pad and use the public library, and now I am not working for money have ample to time to concentrate on getting this message out. (God has given me this time and the resouces needed so all I have to do now is: use them.Also I own my own home with no rent and I do not need to be tied up looking for work to pay for my costs of remt (or morgage). Applying for jobs online is sufficient to satisfy centerlink of my obligatioms and I can do that from home or the public libary which is only 5-10 minutes away. I can and will dedicate my time to telling people about the politics of the coming agenda 2030 snd show people how same sex marriage is a stupid thing and a complete distraction to the real issues we must look at. Samw sex rights  are not needed and need to be exposed for what it realy. A big distraction from the real issues and need all these issues which come from These Groups to be dumped (or put on hold indefinately) so we can focus on the far more important issue of Fighting Ialamic State and other such groups as it is now world war three 

I will mever stop or give in as God has put me on earth during these times to do this both onlime and offline, where ever I go.

I feel that this is NOT THE TIME to worry about stupid issues like "same sex marriage". To focus on such issues "As same sex marriage and homosexual rights" is a complete waste of time that needs to be spent on national security issues, I take this as my role to bring this up and now is the time for the Federal authorities to stop the gay pride Marches in Sydney and elsewhere as they can be seen as a major national security issue. 

We are now in the beginnings of world war three and a one world government is on the horizon The leader of this one world government very easily could be a homosexual actovists and force - same sex marriage and other such nasties upon us and be a member Of this group or affiliated groups

Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.20 Friday September 9 2016

My comments 

Australia could come under attack from Islamic State 

World,war 3 has officialy started

World war 3 was predicted and coming

Barry Smith on world war 3

Barry Smith 1995 speaks on Agenda 21

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