Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ex-US Diplomat, warns Hillary Clinton will start Nuclear war with Russia and China

Ex United States Diplomat warns Hillary Clinton will start world war three with Russia and China

Whether that will be Hillary Clinton or not we will wait and see.
This is the American Presidential Election coming up and I feel even if Donald Trump is  elected,  a nuclear war  may still happen. I see problems with both candidates and J feel that all we have to do is wait and see.

The 2016 American President election is history in the making and it will be seen for many years to come as one of the most outstanding American presidential races, and not only on Hillary Clinton being the first woman in the 240 + Years of  the American Presidential Elections. 

However I put this video on the blog post for all to watch and make their own mind up, 
We are living in very challenging times in History and I beleive the return of Jesus Christ is immenent and all the bible tells us to do is keep faith, wait, warch and see

That is the purpose of the making of this blog - to show as events pass in the media to do with Agenda 2030 . This is real and it is  coming  and that is why it is a good thing for all to watch  videos like this one, thus I show it to the world on my blog. 

7.58 Sunday September 18th 2016

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