Ali Choudhry is facing imminent deportation to Pakistan after his partnership visa application was refused.
Choudry has been in a relationship with Dr Matthew Hynd in Queensland for the past four years and the couple had registered a Civil Union in March 2012.
Deputy Director of Australian Marriage Equality, Ivan Hinton, said,
“This incident highlights the difficulties the LGBTI community faces by not having equal relationship recognition in Australia”.
Despite reform providing for equal treatment for all de facto couples, regardless of orientation, the ability to prove a committed relationship is easier when an applicant is married to an Australian citizen.
On his Pozible project page ( ) Choudry claims an immigration agent had asked “Why don’t you just marry an Australian woman?”
Hinton said “It illustrates the important human rights protections and recognition that comes with marriage and this is currently denied to loving same-sex couples in Australia”.