Friday, 16 September 2016

I agree with Pauline Hanson and back her to the Hilt, One Nation I also agree with Senator Malcombe Roberts over Climate change

This was Pauline Hanson MAIDEN speech for the Parliament on her six year term as a senator. I think this lady is Australia's Margaret Thatcher (who served as leader of Britain's conservative party from 1975-1990 AND British PM 1979-1990) 

Pauline Hanson is the best thing that could be elected in the senate as she will "keep the bastards honest" and act to the Federal parliament similar as what Fred Nile did to the NSW parliament.

Pauline Hanson represents the majority of Australians who do not like Political correctness or Cultural Marxism. The Majority of Australians have no idea where all the issues hat are high on the Political agenda come from and we need people like Pauline Hanson to put a spanner in the works for Cultural Marxist/Feminist not to get through the senate. 

We have  the next six years of Pauline Hanson and what is great her new Senator who is a environmental scientist is going to show the truth about Global warming and Climate change. It is a fraud and not true brought on by the Cultural Marxist minority and Agenda 2030 as a tool to gain control of the world. Global warming does NOT Exist and is all hyped up lies by those who want to gain control of the world. 

Senator Malcolm Roberts from Queensland One Nation Party with Pauline Hanson is very right, Climate change is not happening, we are being manipulated by lies and this is one of the main reasons I beg to differ big times with the Australian Greens who are radicals on climate change Policies and sustainable issues (which also brings in issues taken out of Agenda 2030 - the teachings and conference on Environment sustainability. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
18.46 Friday September 16th 2016

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