Friday, 23 September 2016

I am deleting all abusive comments from my You Tube, this goes for all that are only people telling lies and being stupid

All adverse and stupid comments which are degrading to society and full of half truths and lies attacking me will be deleted from now on. And the author of such blocked frrom commenting if they persist, 

Understand me Derpy Sweede, Bernie Hynes and John M and any others who want to do the same. 

I had a job for a couple of hours to get my face out into the media as a extra in a Advertisement which just has come to air and I can not afford idiots telling lies about me online

Also in answer to Derpy Swede the Newspaper articles on me "shitting my pants in public" was in appropriate and out of place, These are the Lies that Garry and others put into court for me to loose my taxi authority originally. This was a complete and utter lie, It never happened and I was accused of this. I was set up and framed by the homosexual activists who wanted me out of the taxi industry and they stooped down to this level to attack me with. 

The Newspapers got this from a past court case and published it back in 2013 and the animals that saw this believe it, BUT IT IS NOT TRUE. THAT NEVER HAPPENED AND SHOWS ONE OF THE LIES THAT GARRY AND OTHERS PUT TOWARDS ME TO CREATE A SCENARIO FOR ME TO LOOSE MY TAXI AUTHORITY. I CAN NOT AND NEVER WILL ACCEPT THIS. 

NB: SPECIAL NOTICE I will not tollerate any more lies and justmstright forward attacks on my blog

In my twitter account I had over 78,000 impressions alone in the last 24 hour period and lots more people on my Blog, Facebook and Google +. I can not and will not tolerate abuse. I do not mind a geniune comment and what you say is perfectly OK with me, as llong it is not abusive material or in breach of the general priciples of ethics.
Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.59 Saturday September 24th 2016

My comments

I can not be stopped from writing these blogs or doing you tubes
1. I own my own home and computer's (plural): both desktop and printer and a potable Galaxy tablet which I take with me when away from home.
2. I live in a central areas with a lot of transport to public libraries
3. I am not willing to stop for anyone
And last but not least
4. I will no longer tolerate abuse, I delete such comments on my blog or you tube withour warning and bann the person who writes this.

John M, Beanie Hynes, Derpy Sweed or any other will be banned from commenting if they continue on putting inappropriate material only designed to attack me with on my blog or you tube channel.

In response to Derpy Sweeds comments on me shitting my pants in public, this will be taken down and if you want to give Garry my You Tubes, then go ahead, I encourage you as I will fight both you and Garry in the courts

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