Friday, 2 September 2016

I am not guilty of villification at all. I have been set up and Framed with lies by those who took me to court !!!

I'm putting this list online to show the world how the courts and tribunal systems are can be ans are manipulated by corrupt people who habitualy abuse the system (for both personal gain and for other reasons) and I completely back a Politcian like the Liberal Senator Cori Bernardi in his changes to race hate and villification legislation.

This is the section that was used against me corruptly and those that took me told lies to get their cases substantiated. This must stop as I have had over 11 years of this and I will not accept accept the final decisions even though they were sibstantiated by the courts and Tribunals. 

The man who made most of the original complaints ia a man that has Psychological problems and I do not even believe that he should not be allowed to abuse the law so much.

This amount of cases show you why as this man to me is physiologically obsessed in beleiving that he is an anti discrimination campaiger fighting for homosexual rights and Marriage equality - when all he is, is an obsessed liar living in his own fantasies who needs to be assessed by a Physiologist his real reasons for playing this game he has been doing for over 10 years. 

I blame These people as it is THESE PEOPLE that are the perpentrators and it this  evil group  and its backers I focus my anger on and direct my attacks towards. Not the man who initiated these cases as he is only part of the problem. 

To finish off this article, 

I would rather prefer to back THIS rather than THIS as the second THIS represents extreme evil and wickedness before God. THIS eventhough it is quite different from me as a Pentecostal evangelical Christian he is Very Right in what he says concerning what God sais about THESE GROUPS AND ALL AFFILIATED GROUPS.

In once sense I would look up to THIS MAN as being a Spokesman for God and His word on sin in todays society and the wickedness of THESE GROUPS AND ALL AFFILIATED GROUPS  
Note: For me to change my way of thinking you have the same chance at putting an eleohant through the eye of an needle

That is one each of these chances as entered below:

  1.  Buckleys - And - 
  2. No chance at all
I am jist not going to accept that I am wrong as it is just not the case 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.41 Saturday September 3rd 2016

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