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Thursday, 15 September 2016

I back Pauline Hansons Speech - i am dead against the Greens

I agree with Pauline Hanson and back her. I am with the Christian Democratic Party Fred Nile group. I am putting a copy of her maiden speech with this blog and I believe that Pauline is a brave woman willing to voice what a lot of people want. That is why she was elected. 

The Greens are Cultural Marxism in their philosophy your subjected to Political correctness  (which I call Political bullshit and something I am dead against. 

At least Pauline Hanson has had precious experience in Politics in the Past and when I voted I voted 1 Fred Nile's Party (the christian democratic Party) and 2 Pauline Hanson (One Nation) putting the Greens at the bottom of the list. 

I see Pauline Hanson speaking for a large chunk of dissolution-ed Australians.
22.12 Thursday September 15th 2016

My comments 

Pauline Hanson MAIDEN speech 

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