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Friday, 16 September 2016

I beleive same sex marriage is Political, - not love ???

same sex Marriage comes from the Cultural Marxist line of thought and this is heavily political. We must not let people like Penny Wong, a Devotee to this Politic and others such as her force this upon us. 

All Australians need the right to oppose it at its base level in a Plebiscite. It is NOT LOVE. it is politics as not all people living in a homosexual relationship want this. It is only those from the Activist groups and the Marriage equality groups that are pushing for this and they have a political objective, which comes from the cultural Marxist line of Political thought.

This is Global in the 21st Century as everything is going Global. Not on a nation state base or a Cultural base with one or two cultures involved. CULTURAL MARXISM is Multiculturalism which inclues a whole generation of people from many different cultures and ethnicities linking as one. This was will heavily rely upon Multiculturalism as a ethnicy and sexuality as part of their equal rights basis including equality within Marriage.

This is having a huge influence in western culture today. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
11.23  Saturday September 17th 2016

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