Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I expect to be attacked over the last few youtubes on being homophobic and prous to be that

This is the sort of attack I expect upon myself as I am upsetting people who are involved in it. I will publish all of these attacks upon my own blog and explain this is what happens when you speak on very sensitive issues as I do. 

This is the start of many attacks to come but these people are very oppressive and undemocratoc, I expect this and I will publish all these attacks as I pick them up and tell all the truth. 

This is what is pushing the same sex marriage debate. Left wing Politics nothing to do woth Love

This is war all out online war. 

I am fighting demonic forces as homosexuality is ruled by demonic forces whixh Jesus Christ has promised to protect us from if we come to us, by Gods love for all humanity (everlasting Agape Love). 

The demonic forces that are driving the same sex marriage mix Eros love which is the love for sexual love. In the greek there is four words for one word in English (Love) that is Agape love - Eros love - Store Love - Philio Love 

This is a major concern where people who do not understand this. The bible talks on Agape love as the love of God, this is not Phileo love or Eros Love.

Same-sex-marriage debate has nothing to do with love. It is Politics and Political correctness and part of a Marxist (communist) totalitarian system under Cultural Marxism pushing for social change.

This works from a Collective society (not individualistic) and takes all peronal freedoms away from individuals.

19.50 Teusday September 27th 2016

My comments

I have a dity to speak to the world so I get attacked for this

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