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Monday, 5 September 2016

I had another complaint put on me to the Anti Discrimination Board come in today

I just received another complaint from a  Garry which adds more to my lists of complaints. I can see this going onto the tribunal but I refuse to tale full responsibility with this and this could  carry on for years now

This peice Garry complained about was not written by me. I have given Luke McKee my password and he writes also to my blog and this piece was written by Luke from in Vietnam so I am not taking responsibility over this. 

This is what those involved with the coming new world order will do to you when you reveal their secrets or get on the wrong side of you, put you in front of judges and magistrates and tell lies to get you to have orders not to speak out. I am fully aware of this. 

So let us just wait and see

16.23 on Tuesday September 6th 2016

My comments 

Beanie Hynes online and the Garry taking me to court are both liars

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