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Thursday, 15 September 2016

I have a duty under God to lobby for all to outrightly reject same sex marriage

I have a duty under the power of God to lobby for all tp reject same sex marriage. 

Whilst the homosexual minorities are screaming for the right to Marry each other and be recognized by the state. We have a right to out rightly reject homosexuality as it is sin before God and to Marry into sin is to co mitt wickedness before God. 

THIS even though it is quite different from what is being published in the media today, it is in a very minority of peoples views which are all loud mouths, member of the Marriage equality and the homosexual lobby groups who push and political lobby to take away the rights of the majority of people. These groups represent less than 2-5% of the LHBT groups which represent only around 5% of people by census. 

If are going to have same sex marriage then I will lobby both Online and offline for all to have the right to out rightly reject same sex marriage at a Plebiscite. This is a God given right to oppose sinful activities and a compete rejection of wickedness otherwise if we go down the path of same sex marriage we will eventually come to regret going this way big time. 

That is whuyI call myself The happy little homophobe living in my joy. I am loving under the power of God and it is my duty to be the happy little homophobe for the rest of my life and go out to encourage others to live the same life ,e, as being homophobic is a great thing, regardless to the general perception of this term that is being pushed on all by THESE PEOPLE  and others of similar view points from the CULTURAL MARXIST WAYS OF PHILOSPHICAL THOUGHT WAVES (the Frankfurt school of social thought) or more commonly known as Cultural Marxism or Political correctness (in Language and Philosophical thinking)

This is the modern philosophical values and theory of modern Homosexual rights which is big on the agenda today. 

For any religious organization to accept this they have been deceived and lied to by Satan's demons as this is very anti God and had its foundations in Marxism which was the driving Philosophical values that Stalin and Moa accepted from and similar to that from Adolf Hitler and His German socialist workers party Which was to become the NAZISM in the early 1920's 

is the main thrust of The marriage equality debate today.

The same sex marriage Marriage Debate at the moment in Australia comes from the Cultural Marxist  (Frankfurt School if Social thought) line of Philosophical thought or Political correctness and I believe we all must be given the right to reject this (only a Plebiscite will do this as if it is a parliamentary vote this will be railroaded through  denying us real democracy and freedom of speech / BELIEF. 
NB: to all of those that are reading this article. I am not going to change, apologize or even consider accepting fault. I will also pay no money as I am bankrupt. 

Do not even waste your time asking for an apology to me as I refuse to even contemplate changing my opinions to accept fault.

(You can like it, leave it or go and lump it) if you want anything from me, as I am not even willing to consider negotiating with those who  lodged those fraudulent accusarions of villification against me. This is all out with no turning back.

This is my final word on this matter, which I am very adamant about   and I am not even willing to contemplate accepting anything  different. 

That is my final words 

17.34 Thursday September 15th 2016


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