Monday, 26 September 2016

I have an interview coming up for a delivery job:

I am getting my name put in and I will get an interview for a delivery job in my local area, I will not say who it is with as I do not need liars going to work and telling more lies about me. This delivery job will only be part time for less than 20 hours per week but couples up with the other work I already have, as an extra in adverts and other media that will do me and bring money in. That is all I want so I can get back to work. 

I lost my taxi authority through no fault of my own, others told lies and framed me and I will never accept anything different. One person by the name of Garry was a main contender for this purgery with ithers backing him up. I do not want to happen again like it did before so I say nothing and just go to work. 


 am not sorry for what happened as I know that I was right and those who took me to court set up up with telling lies and committing open purgery. I will accept nothing else and neither will I stop now or every. 

Thank you for the fight, you make the days go quicker but I will not ever give in. 

NB: I will delete all and every comment by Beanie Hynes that tells lies and only attacks me, the same with anyone else, note:these clowns are only trolls with nothing on their mind but to create trouble. 



Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 12.03 on Tuesday September 27th 2016

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