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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

God has no tolerance for sin : the same as Jesus Christ has no tolerance

God has no tolerance towards sin, but He loves the sinner so Much that he Gave His own life so that all might have an eternal life.

Jesus gave His blood on the cross so that all might live, and we have to loosen all sin off Our back at the cross and accept Gods free gift of life bu rejecting sin and accepting Gods free gift of life. 

God is love YES, all caring and all giving Love (Agape Love) 
God IS NOT TOLERANT OF SIN as getting around and deluding churches over homosexuality and pushing for wickedness. 

Homosexuality is Sin and GOD SAYS this on sin
Homosexuality is sin thus Same sex marriage is wickedness as this is making sin good and a alternative lifestyle. To live in wickedness surely will bring down Gods wrath upon all who do this.

This is the message the church of today should be preaching, NOT COMPROMISING WITH WICKEDNESS as if they do they are playing in the hands of the evil one as I believe Demonic forces from the Pits of Hell are driving the same sex marriage today. 

For  these reasons I am willing to call myself a homophobic bigot and I am the 
Happy little homophobe living in my joy 

As another topic I will go into later
Same sex marriage is very oppressive and political 

6.51 Wednesday September 28th 2016

My comments 

I am the Happy little homophobe 

 To beanie Hynes and the other nut jobs attacking me


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