Thursday, 15 September 2016

I will be discharged bankrupt in February 2017

Note all that there is only around 4 months for this to come, Once I am discharged bankrupt I can get a job as selling in Insurance, I have been offered already. I just need my discharge papers. Once I am discharged bankrupt I can stand again for politics and that I will do after February 2017. 

It is going to happen as I have nothing to hinder me from this happening. 

Also I own my own home which was brought back in 1984 with money from a payout I had on a compo case and I done the right thing during this time. Put it in a trust fund so that no one can force me to sell. Bankruptcy even told me that I do not have to sell my home as it is in the name of a trust company looking after a trust fund for me. 

So laws could have changed now but this was done all those years ago back in 1984 - 32 years ago) and it has served me perfect. 

Otherwise without a home payed no rent and owning everything I could not do as I am doing now. Write to the net. Only God gave me this as His grace is good and when you are doing His will He will protect you from all evil. 

The evil in my life is the Marriage Equality people and the Gay and lesbian rights Lobby These people are not only a curse in my life but a curse upon all and God has made me a modern day Joshua, Caleb and Gideon to fight this to the very end. like the three warriors of God mentioned above

The whole church needs to become Joshua, Caleb and Gideon and fight the Marriage Equality and the homosexual lobby as they are the modern day Midianites (Canaanites)  Jericho and evil ones of today that the church must fight. 

This same sex marriage is wickedness in Gods eyes and this is so evil that it must be fought by all in the same way as was done in the Old testament with the three heroes of old that I wrote on, Joshua, Caleb and Gideon

When I am discharged bankrupt I will be able to travel and I will be able to do a lot more without having to related to bankrupt trustees and this is only 4 months to wait. i will also get back my passport and I will not need permission to go overseas from bankrupt trustees any more as I have now.  

I can wait 4 months and then get my passport back first from my bankruptcy trustees


Written by John Christopher Sunol
10.52 on Friday September 16th 2016

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