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Thursday, 29 September 2016

I will not be stopped but there are many attacking me with lies, :such as Kiwi Farms are only one of these attacks over the years

I have been attacked a number of different times and different ways, this is but one of those ways over my outspokenness on same sex marriage and against the  homosexual rights. agenda

Both of these groups plus others are on the agenda for same sex marriage and they want it undemocratic  put on all people, regardless of peoples choice, It is a lie a black lie that 70% of Australians want same sex marriage, I state let us do a plebiscite and see the real figures, not just rail road this through parliament like a dictatorial group does. 

I state that less than 10% of Australians want this same sex marriage and the figure of 70% is incorrect. If this is the case then let us see and have a vote (Plebiscite) and you will get the truth. 

We must not let these groups railroad through such an important piece of legislation where we change the marriage act without a national voter over the issue at the least.  That is what is happening. 

Same sex marriage IS NOT LOVE, IT IS POLITICS and we must take that to account

This is a homosexual dictatorship arriving which is going to put the whole world into a collective society along the lines of Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks of 1917 Russian Revolution and the Nazi Party arrival into Germany in the 1920 and 30's out of the German socialist workers Party in 1919. 

This is what is happening in reality and the Green party are right down the line, they are all Cultural Marxist of modern day communist dictatorship and we are heading down this earth very quickly. 

I have been attacked numerous times and put in court over this  but I still wish to state that this is part of a one world agenda for a homosexual bound dictatorship to take over and rule the world with an iron fist - first thing they want to do is break down the family unit and in doing this they are introducing same sex marriage and other nastier such as Transvestites rights. 

The whole of Australia needs to get up and speak out against this to reject same sex marriage and we need a plebiscite to do this. 

written by John Christopher Sunol
15.37 on Friday September 30th 2016

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