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Saturday, 3 September 2016

I will not be stopped no matter what !!!

I will not be stopped no matter what

You Have two chances to stop me from making You Tubes and blogs on news events and end time Prophecies leading up to the return of Jesus Christ 

And that is :

  1. Buckley's (and)
  2. NO chance at all
Besides all that I have written on this blog entry - it is not me writing on this blog, it is the power of God using my head and comminication abilities on social media  to write what He said (God, Jesus Christ) though myself to the world via my bog, and no one is going to stop these messages as they are from God to the world.

Besides thesetwo chances that I out in this blog  entry above you have no chance of stopping me as it is not I who you are opposing but the one whondwells within me and using me as His viice peice

, it  is that I just aint going to  stop !!! 

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