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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Islamic State Prepared to attack countries like Australia (your Local terrorist could be yoir next door neighbour)

Islamic state preparing to attack Australian Cities towns and suburbs

This link combined with this old post back in 2016 put below proves that we are living in perilous times which makes  big events (such as  the Gay pride events like this one a major national security threat to the whole nation). 

We might need to go in a similar state to what we were in 1942-1945 during world war 2. 

Combined with this previous post

This is war and I am starting to believe we are in world war 3 right now. If you were living in 1939/1940 you more than likely would not believe that you were loving in the early days of what was to be designated world war 2. We did not get the official designation of world War two until after August 1945 when the Historians and academics could look back and officially designate this war as works war 2, which did not happen until after 1946. 

If we are now in world war three issues such as sa,e sex marriage must be shelved for Australian national security by the Federal Government. We do not have the time to be worrying about such and the Federal Government needs to put their focus in supplying the Australian Military, Federal Police, State Police and Asio (Asis as well with other official security Agencies) to be able to protect the people and Fight Islamic State and other Aligned groups. Also we should have Federal prison system for all members of the enemy and terror suspects with terrorist set up in the harsh Interior and Australia deserts. 

The Australian Federal Government does not have the time to waste on the same sex marriage issue and with this announcement of war by Islamic state in the ABC NOW is the time to scrap the Gay Pride Marches (especially the Sydney Mardi Gras) as this represents targets for Islamic States attacks.

We are now at war and it is critical that we do not take this as pure propaganda or we may live to regret it. Whilst I believe that there is a small amount of properganda content in it. Propaganda will serve the interest of our enemies, but you must look at this being fact. Look what happened in France twice and Germany,  those events in Europe had a disastrous effect.

To put one issues to the forefront will state this:

  1. We must remove all major soft targets and stop them Parades such as Gay Pride Parades need to be suspended immediately as they are a national security risk. 
Prison camps need to be set and I feel Federally run in arid places in the Australian interior looked  after by Australia's Military trained prison officers,

Seeing this fight is against Islamic radicals and I blame interpretations of the Koran as part of the problem, do with the Koran as the Allies did with The Mein Kampf during world war 2

I beleive it is radical interpretations on the Quran along side that of The Mein Kampf is one of the problems. 

That is why I suggest prison camps in the arid parts of Australia for all terrorist and terror sympathizers, denied the Koran and given a bible instead and lock them up indefinably as prisoners of war by the Australian Military trained prison officer. 

Much like it was In Cowea, Hay or other world war two prison camp of such but this time I would use the Australian Red Center to house all terrorists and enemies of the nation. We need to rid Australia of all national security risks in times like they are today

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.00 Friday 9th September 2016

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