Sunday, 4 September 2016

Jehivas wittness video under fire for homophobic message

Now read this on Jehovah Wittiness over homosexuality 

Even though I can not agree with the Jehovah witness as I class this a cult. BESIDES this fact this group is being persecuted by the Homosexual lobby groups  for exercising their right in rejecting same sex marriage.

This show you how These lobby groups are inherently evil groups and taking  away our rights of freedom of speech and religious beliefs to speak against and reject gay rights and same sex marriage.

I fight for these rights for all and that is why I call myself happily and defiantly the happy little homophobe and I will fight this all the rest of my days of life with joy and happiness willing to encourage others to do the  same.

The case against same sex marriage IS - on of the reasons I am the happy little homophobe living in my joy

NB: It is planned eventually that if you disagree with the united nations agenda you will be called homophobic, a homophobic will become a disrespectful term and you will be left out of society for being labelled that. 
Written by John Christopher Sunol 
At 18.38 on Sunday September 4th 2016

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