Monday, 12 September 2016

Luke McKee is a co writer to this blog with me

I have given this man who is a victim of bulling from  the Gay and lesbian rights lobby like I am also permission and my password to write on this blog as well. 

That should spice up the information that I am trying to disseminate to the world by this blog?

Luke also has permission to put on you tubes and/or audio tapes and uze this blog as a online media, to disseminate his own personal information.

Luke has an amount of excellent material that all using socially media need to know today.

NB: Please not all that while Luke can use this blog to put his writings on, if I find that something is very distasteful and vilification, I still reserve the right to delete it from the blog as well as this is my blog and I do not want to create trouble. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
12.10 Tuesday September 13 2016

My comments

I Have given Luke The Password and permission to put his material on my blog

Luke is a victim of homosexual bullying (though the use of social media) Like Give Luke another median via my blogs to vet out his
frustrations to the world. A lot of the information from Luke is excellent material

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