Thursday, 22 September 2016

More material on the coming rapture and Christian escatology

I believe we are all living in the end times and this is the last days as put in the bible. Read the book of Revelations,Especially chapter 13,  Daniel chapter 9 -(70 weeks) and Mathew chapters 24,25 and this speaks on those days. 

With Agenda 2030 being so prominent on the world stage, with the joining together of nations under Globalization, with the wars and the describes what is happening today it is all pointing towards the return of Christ, This was predicted by Jesus Himself in Mathew chapter 25 and he spoke on the 10 virgins in parable, 5 were ready and waiting for his return and 5 were asleep. The 5 that were ready and waiting were taken with the master (Jesus) for eternity of rest and the 5 that were not were called wicked and slothful and left to their own peril. 

Christ spoke in a lot of parables or stories but the stories that Christs gave (Jewish terminology Midrash) spoke of truths and what is happening and about to happen. 

We are living in the days of the end which the Apostle John wrote of when he wrote the book of Revelations from the Isle of Patmos whilst in exile in around 95AD (BCE) and as the time gets closer you can see that happening right now. 

This blog of mime is mainly on these issues as they happen under a modern formed organization called Agenda 21 (now 2030) waiting for a one world government under the United nations. 

this is a major issue of today and I believe that same sex marriage has nothing to do with love, that is only propaganda and lies put by those in the know of Agenda 2030 and the coming of the new world order. 

These debates on same sex marriage and marriage equality are only politics and propaganda which is being being pushed by the media and other left wing Ministrations. to distract the general population from the truth. It is a very emotional area and those in the know of the coming globalization of agenda 2030 are using this to a great successful effect to distract the general population from knowing the truth. (similar as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels "Hitlers Propaganda Minister" used from 1933-45 to draw a whole nations of people "German and Nazi Italy under Mussolini" to reject a whole Jewish nation and send them to the death camps of world war 2")

Not even all homosexuals are on board with same sex marriage, they are very happy living with their partners with no legal ties of a marriage covenant. Same sex marriage is very evil and invites Satan to take over the lives of all whom go into this form of Political, sexual and spiritual/Philosophical Union. 

written by John Christopher Sunol
11.24 Friday September 23rd 2016

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