Friday, 2 September 2016

Nato gives go signal to attack Russia, Nato and Russia preparing for war: (SAME AS CHINA UNIT STATES)

This (Russia)  is very serious and even closer to a hot war from during the cold war, 1946-1990. THIS Coupled up with China and the Spratley Island this could turn out quite nasty. 

Another reason that this could do that it would cause such of a commotion the United states election could be put on hold and the president of the United States would suddenly be in a war mode unlike anything since the end of world war 2 and the dropping of the Atomic bomb over Japan on August 6 1945. 

This proves we are living in Historic times worst than anytime since the  end of world war 6 August 1945. 

I will focus on this as I beleive this could herald in world wide change unlike another seen in the history of man. We are  living in unprecedented times so we need to wait and see what comes out of this. 
15.30 Saturday September 3rd 2016



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