Thursday, 1 September 2016

Persecution of Christians in China

Christians are still persecuted in China, but this persecution in China is no where as server as In the middle east or North Africa

In the middle East and North Africa Christian persecution is realy genocide but in China it is heavy restriction and prison. In this case China is setting  Pastors free as they  want the G20 in there country and they want to keep face with the world. 

In the middle East it is different these Islamic radicals just do not care, we are war anyway. 

Even in the harsh days of the Cultural Revolution in Chibna under Moa Si Tung it was nothing like it today in  the middle East or North Africa.

at 6.03 Friday 2nd September 2016

My comments 

I beleive I am being persecuted myself in Australia by being taken to court, and a  man named Luke McKee in vietnam is also as he found about the rampart corruption in These groups and affiliated rights lobbyists. 

Persecution of Christians in China 


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