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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Petition from Cori Bernardi on Free Speech : we need race laws amended with villification laws

I am fighting for freedom of speech and I say that the whole nation needs to sign this if you want freedom to say  as you like with the law, without the race hate legislation, villificatiin legislation and other such is  not used against you. Cori is a Liberal Federal Government Senator who is putting this petition to the federal parliament to change the wording for this racial villification legislation. 

When you have wording in this legislation that is very ambiguous "such as hurt feelings" this is open to abuse by  those who want to push an Agenda. 

Read the site from Cori Bernardi that I have linked above on this, look up Coris own web site and sign this online petition to stop  those "Cultural Mzrxist" thugz and trouble makers fro abusing the race discrimination "and also vilification laws" and keep our  rights free for freedom of speech.

I  back Cori as we do not need this legislation, it is to open for abuse by those left wing Cultural Marxist people who want to stop free speech. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
17.51 Thursday September 1st 2016

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