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Monday, 19 September 2016

Religious beliefs deemed homophobic

Yes I am homophobic and proud to be called a homophobe. Homophobia is a great thing to be in these history making days. That is why I call myself The Happy little homophobe living in my joy. I am also active for others to become as I am. 

Same sex marriage is very oppressive, evil and wants to take control. I saw bits and pieces of the Q & A show last night 19th September

A woman from the Australian Christian Lobby and representing other christian groups that I follow gave debate with a woman prop gay marriage living in a lesbian relationship. While the woman from the AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIAN LOBBY (Senator Nash) was very conciliation and trying to tell the reasons why we need not to have same sex marriage. This lesbian woman (an actor) from the Homosexual Lobby Groups was NOT INTERESTED IN NEGOTIATIONS, SHE WAS HARD, COLD AND TO ME PLAINLY STRAIGHT EVIL AND DOMINATING. I refuse to debate with this as they are not interested in genuine debate, all they want is domination. This lesbian woman is not interested in genuine debate so we need not waste our time debating with this, We need to raise spiritual warriors, Joshua', Caleb and Gideon from the bible (spiritual warriors) from the churches to oppose and speak out against Homosexual rights 

If or when same sex marriage is legislated we will loose our religious freedom to oppose same sex marriage so we must act now before it becomes law. 

(As an example, if Adolf Hitler did not 
Then over 6,000,000 jew would not have died and 
world war 2 would not have errupted 1939-1945. In the same light of same sex marriage is legislated then the future chuch will not have groups Lie the Gay Lobby and others of similar goals will force homosexuality into the church starting off with equal rights in Homosexual marriage in the churches. 

This is a political strategy of The Marriage Equality Groups and Others with similar objectives is to force Same Sex marriage  (which I refuse to call Gay Marriage as this not happy Marriage, the word Gay is used as Propaganda for a political purpose only to fool tha majority of people into believing the many lies being circulated over same sex marriage, much similar as Joseph Goebbels used after Adolf Hitlers win in 1933 to use propaganda to turn one whole Nation of German people from March 1933 for the coming 12 years until after ww2 (1939-1945) against the Jewish peoples.  (The Holocaust)

at 10.17 Tuesday September 20 2016

My comments 

It is time to reject homosexual rights before it is to late to do that.

Same sex marriage will bring persecution to the church 
Christians told to embrace same sex marriage OR ELSE

No same sex marriage case

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