Friday, 9 September 2016

Safe Schools Program is Not Safe at all - It is Marxist indoctrination of Children

This group is NOT as it sounds. It is a very deceptive group which are looking to indoctrinate school children from a very early age (when Children are in their most vulnerable years in the lifecycle) into accepting CULTURAL MARXISM as a line of thought. This is to indoctrinate the school children into a communist way of life under a central thinking and living similar to Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler of the past. We do not need this, can not have this and must all sign petition like what Cori Bernardi wants to put out.

If this petition is closed I suggest all contact his office to show support. 

I heavily suggest that all who do not want to have thier children indoctrinated into a  Cultural Marxist philosophical thinking and have the future generations of Australia indoctrinated into a socialist/communist/Nazi style homosexual regime which will become very oppressive, 

Then contact either 

And register your disgust with the safe Schools Program and you want to support people like Cory to take away the funding and allow children to grow up children and not be indoctrinated with Communist/socialist/Marxist ideology on sexuality.

Just to finish off / we have enemies who are working hard to counter people like  Cory by getting counter signatures to undo our defense on the propaganda. So it is critical that all good living people Australia wide back Cory (or one of the other  groups I mentioned)

So to counter act this Cori Bernardi needs every last person he can get to stop this as This group and other like it are very active, tell lies and publish propaganda and are very oppressive groups.

9.10 Saturday September 10th 2016

Part 1 safe schools program not even intended to be safe A Cultural Marxism 
Indoctrination of school children 

Part 2 -Safe schools program not intended 
to be safe-Cultural Marxism indoctrination of school children 

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