Monday, 12 September 2016

(Same sex Marriage plebisite Nov 11 2017) I went up to hospital yes, but it was only the stress and strain that others put me through Due to my adamant No for same sea marriage campaigning

John Christopher Sunol

I was put in Hospital yes, but this was only ome day and I feel that is the stress and strain of the liars who put me through the grills in  court because of me being adamantly opposing political issues like same sex marriage. I will fight for the right for us to reject Homosexual rights and Marriage equality. I was in a local hospital in Waratah  Newcastle  (the Mater).

Also I am opposing issues like THIS which is now our chance to reject same sex marriage publicaly and show the world how discusting same sex marriage realy is and it is going to bring Gods Holy wrath on Australia because of its wickedness. If we do not retain this right This story haopened whilst I spent a day in Hospital and I have to get ready to oppose this  publicaly on my blog entries. If same sex marriage is legislated in Australia we might loose our right to speak against same sex marriage and eventualy much worst will come.

It is not a great thing that this stupid debate co,es up but now it has come to the forefront, this is a ton site better that a free  vote in Parliament as it gives us a chance to reject this openly in a public form and to make sire it does not even get off the ground.

This stress is more than likely one of the main reasons I had to sepnd a  day in Hospital because of the stress that those attacking me are putting me through (Beanie Hynes, John M, Derpy Swede and thier other co-horts)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
At 1.22 Teusday September 14 2016

My comments

We must have the rights to say no to same sex marriage and reject it publicaly 

No to same sex marriage we all need the write to vote against it and ahow the Homosexual Lobby and activist groups that only a slight few want same sex marriage. It is nothing to do with love as that is all properganda.

 It is politics  (left wing Cultural Marxism) nothing to do with love.

All must have the rights to reject marriage equality 

Explanations of same sex marriage Plebiscite 


I  follow Cori Bernardi point of  view

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