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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Storms in SOUTH AUSTRALIA (lights go out)


This could be the cause of Climate change pr natural. I feel it is more likely to be natural rather than Climate change, but this unprecedented naturql weather act taking place in wake of the FORBES FLOODS in midwest NSW and all the other servere weather This is happening every where. It was NSW - THEN COMES ADELAIDE IN SA. There has been catostrophies all over the world in unprecedented proportions.

I feel this could be happening for a couple of reasons and I do not beleive in Climate change. I beleive we are living in unprecedented times which are part of the natural cycles of the earth. 

Also spiritualy speaking Gods Wrath is rising because of the wickedness of the world in issues such as same sex marriage marriage and the rampart sin people are heading down the barrel of. 

Another possibility on the side lines is The introduction in secret of HARP warefare getting into the wrong hands. Islamic State or other like Minded Terror groups 

These HARP weapons are one possibility if they get into the hands of terror groups like Islamic State or Boko Haram or othher groups of similar ideology.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
19.26 Thursday September 29th 2016

My comments

I do not beleive in Climate Changge or Global warming  or Global warming, this possibly could be related to HAARP
weapons off Mass destruction. Especially if terror groups such as Islamic State  got hold of this. 

Haarp weapons of mass destruction 

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