Thursday, 29 September 2016

this is personal attacks upon me which happen all of the time: Take note all this sis the sort of attack I get for speaking on very controversial issues

this is all personal attacks upon me, this is full of propaganda and lies, my enemies which are also the enemies of the average family orientated in the world use this kind of propaganda to attack me with. They want to evaluate what I say as they know I tell the truth and they do not want the truth out.

That is why I allow Luke McKee to post material at different times as a large amount of his material is fact based and good material for all to see. 

Please note all: I have had hackers get into my system and take down my PC - it is back online but I do not let hackers stop me as the area I live in is an excellent area for shopping centres and transport, one of the best areas in the whole of Newcastle. It is just down the road on the Waratah West side of the University of Newcastle and if I was to buy my home today I could never afford it. I go to the public libraries if I can not work from home, and I have also a Samsung Tablet to use when away from home so I am set up and I will use this. 

I can not and will not be stopped no matter what anyone wants or says. 
I can not, do not and will not negotiate with sin, or wickedness and homosexuality is sin with same sex marriage being wickedness before God which comes from issues arising out of 
Cultural Marxism (Frankfurt school of social enquiry
which is the mainline theoretical view of academic thought today as taught in Universities. 

I am being attacked by trolls, internet thugs and trouble makers all of the time as I know where the same sex marriages comes from, and can see where it is taking us - down a path we do not want to go along. 



Have a good day all !!!


John Christopher Sunol

Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.37 Friday September 30 2016

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