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Sunday, 18 September 2016

We need to who reject Gay Rights (Cultural Marxist thought) homosexual lobby as we are pur on discrimination and villification by the use of lies

and most of all the 

This legislation will be strengthened so that the Cultural Marxist homosexual lobby groups and others from the same can take religious groups as well as out spoken individuals to the Civil tribunals and courts to shut them up and corruptly abuse the law. You will fined, loose your work and eventually put in prison for contempt if you do not toe the line. I call this dictatorship and the worst where you will loose all rights, not be given equal rivets as the propaganda tells the world via the media.

When  they strengthen the legislation which will probably come after same sex marriage is legalized, if you speak against same sex marriage or any of these issues You will be accused of homophobia and hate crime, then taken to the anti discrimination board and fined or loose your job. Eventually you will be jailed. 

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I believe the homosexual activist who took me for  vilification were not genuine. They only took me  to court based on lies to set me and make case law to further The legislation that comes from the Human rights omission in homosexual vilification specifically in my case ,and it is all based on lies. 

What makes it worst the man who took me the second time is a man with Psychiatric problems whi is obsessed in taking people to court ( and like in the human rights commission he calls it His job and and uses this to fulfil his day dreams or ambitions due to his Psychiatric conditions

I beleive that when Same sex marriage marriage is passed, not long after we will loose our relgious and personal freedoms ro reject homoseuxlity and same sex marriage it is critical that we fight to stop this or at least have a plebicite so that we all have a chance to put reasons for NO to the same sex marriage marriage debate and reject Same-sex-marriage. 

Massive corruption

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
13.06 Monday September 19th 2016

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