Thursday, 29 September 2016

Us threatens to halt talks with Russia and Syria: Very dangerous and dramatic - World war 3

this is very serious in light of the war raging in Syria, I believe this could be world war 3 started already with terrorist and now some very serious complications are coming in with this as well. 

If the United states halts talks with Russia on Syria this is huge as it means that anything could happen, the best outcome would be an international force going into Syria and taking over my military force, then go out and capture and arrest all the thugs that started this, and put them before an international tribunal along the lines of Nuremberg war crimes trials from 1945-1949 after world war 2 with the Nazi war criminals (and Japanese during world war 2) 

This will have to happen again in Syria, all out is the only way as there is to many complications in this Syrian war, even alot more than we had in world war 2. 

"In world war 2 we knew who we were fighting, It was the Nazi Germans, Italian's and Japanese and straight out, then after the war we knew who to put in front of war crimes trials - but where this differs to today's war in Syria, this is multi facet and we do not know who is and who is not the enemy as the weapons, technology, strategies of war, sociological and philosophical thinking and the culture is altogether different and far more complex than during what was world war 2. For a start during world war 2 we were fighting nations and knew our enemy, that is altogether different today a the enemy can be on either side."

written by John Christopher Sunol
10.43 Friday September 30th 2016

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United States and  Russia having a fall out over Syria,
I see this as a major problem

War in Syria

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