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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Agenda 21 must be told to all (issues such as same sex marriage ar part of Agenda 21 which is now Agenda 2030)

This is real, it is not a conspiracy theory as some would like you have beleive. This Agenda 21 which was started in the 1992 environmental sustainability conference or earth summit

This is what is driving the same sex Marriage debate and many other areas od a social, philosophical, environmental and Political correctness thinking of today. One in all this is the crux of Political Correctness  or Cultural Marxism

This is where same sex marriage is coming from (Politics and nothing to do with Love) to transform society and breakdown the family Unit to bring in a one world order dictatorial system based from the rise of Facism in Germany in the 1920 and 30's.

This is why I am being taken to court as a homophobe who villifies homosexuals, to shut me up and devaluate me, it has nothing to do 

It is all part of a ploy to destroy what I say by getting cases substantiated that all my writings are deemed as villification and disregarded. Now the man taking me to court is demanding  $50,000 and he is setting me up with further more cases designed to ask for more moneu to destroy me as he is being ised by others to keep this information out of the public arena.

This post needs to go viral and all need to see it as this is reality, not conspriacy theory as some would have you beleive.

8.17 Sunday October 23rd 2016.

My comments 

Note all: I am personaly being taken to court on villificatiom amd being ordered to pay big money (a $49,500 DEBT to those that took me to the Tribunals. They want me to pay, and more is to come as I have other cases in the pipeline against me designed only as punishment to drive me to the wall, as I am determined to carry on regardless.  There 4 more cases in process which will have more fines, above the $49,500 already being claimed against me) 
I keep faith in God that I will be protected and I am putting this out for the whole world to see as this will effect every last man on this globe.
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