Saturday, 15 October 2016

Americas so called hate preachers as targetted by the LGBD GROUPS

This article is showing you where the troubles are today and how Anti Cultural Marxist people like myself are being sidelined and stereotyped by the real hate preachers The LGBT activist groups. THESE ACTIVIST GROUPS AND THERE IS A NUMBER OF THEM UNDER THE COVER OF Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism Political Correct speach 

I have to agree with Donald Trump over these issues as I see These groups as the real instigators of hate speech and taking away our rights of free speech and freedom of beleifs far more than Fred phelps ever was as this man was an independent Baptist and Calvanist which is slightly different to me theologically. I am from an evangelical Christian Pentecostal follower, which differs slightly in theological interpretations of the sciptures that the Reformed Calvinist line of thought. As for sin and homosexuality is sin in no untold matters and I am not willing to debate this issue, thus same sex marriage is wickedness before God. I on the same page in beleif as Westory Baptist Church and the Calvanist tradition on the Anger and fury at God over deliberate sinful actions which can be interpereted as wickedness before God

Please note i I have been accused of both anti LGBT AND MUSLIM hate myself (in the NSW court system and by the Gay rights lobby/Marriage Eqaulity groups) - much like Fred Phelps and westbory Baptist Church in the United States was - (Second reference to attacks upon me) - and it came out all over the internet and social media 
(Including the ABC)  and (Marriage Equality) "groups" 

This is all part of a political agenda pushed by the Cultural Marxist Agitators to create a New World Order

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.31 Sunday October 16 2016

My comments 

Talk on Banning Catholics if they do not conform to Political correctness 

Present your body as a livind sacrafise to God
Reject wickedness and put on the armour of righteousness 

The Armor of God

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