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Friday, 21 October 2016

Attacks in Iraq put you families at risk: Very important breaking news: Saturday october 22nd 2016

A message that was sent do me and I feel needs our support, this is heart breaking to see this happen in the 21st century in our midst, but it is the way the world is going and we have to support those that are victims of this. 

Note; I will regularly put this kind of information and breaking news to my blog as I receive it. 

I will do this as a community service


BREAKING: Last night’s attacks in Iraq put our young friends at risk


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10:16 AM (59 minutes ago)
to me

Last night, we received the tragic news that our young friends in Iraq are being threatened by ISIS/Daesh at their doorsteps.
We know these children personally, and today our whole team is overwhelmed by fear about what will happen to them. Many of you have sent these children financial aid through your generous donations, or you have signed campaigns for international support to save them. Some of you have even joined us on our trips to Iraq.
Please sign this letter of support and, most importantly, keep these Christians in your prayers. 

Dear John Christopher,

Last night, we received the tragic news that our young friends in Iraq are being threatened by ISIS/Daesh at their doorsteps.
If you’ve been keeping up with our activities over the last few years or months, you know that CitizenGO often sends support to Christian refugees in Kirkuk, Iraq—materially, politically, and through visits from our team.
The children and families who we support managed to escape the Islamic State when the jihadists overran the Nineveh Plain, but today ISIS pounced on them again. Right now, these young Christians are only steps away from those who wish to slaughter all the Christians of Iraq.

One of our friends who is aware of the situation, Rafed Yaldo, just informed us:
"I just received a message over night from one of the female students in Kirkuk asking for prayers. It seems that many ISIS thugs posing as refugees have entered the city of Kirkuk, and there is heavy fighting right outside of the homes where many displaced students live in. In one of the houses that I visited in January, there are about 9 girls who are terrified and in deep panic with no electricity, and their phone dying!!! . . . Please keep them in your prayers. 
This is not an easy situation!!"


Entered and supported by John Christopher Sunol
11.26 Saturday October 22nd 2016

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