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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Have been ordered to pay Garry $53,711.43 from past court cases

I received roday a bill for $53,477.41 owing to Garry Burns from My past court cases as a payout This is awful as the money came over 3 years of cases and I was set up and framed for these cases. Plus this man was fined $4,800 he never paid on the 5th August in Waverly local for telling lies and fabricating evidence in criminal purgery when he gave false evidence with deliberate lies to get a restraining order against me on this day. He never paid this but demands for me to pay him over $50,000. 

I will go and see the sheriff in Newcastle tomorrow and let him speak to my bankruptcy trustee. 

I do not have this money, can not get it as I am bankrupt and he will have to go and jumpmas I will not do what I can not do. 

If I had the $53,000 I might pay him off and Piss him off as he is not worth it, Garry is a fraud and a uninged man, but even doing that may not work as this scammer would only take me to court to get more money. 

I wish to tell all I am not sorry for him AND THE GARRY TAKING ME TO COURT DOES NOT REPRESENTTHE GLBT GROUPS  He only represents himself and a very minor section Those in the lobby groups who are full of Political activist and trouble makers from Political correctness sides out of Cultural Marxism 

NB: I would like to see the 1993 homosexual villification ammendment repealed as it can be and is being Used corruptly and Those  and the getting this bill of $53,711.43 is one major example. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
21.30 Wednesday October 26th 2016

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