Monday, 17 October 2016

Same sex Marriage is Nothing to do with Love, it is all Politics from a left Wing Cultural Marxist agenda (Australian Greens are in bed with this)

Senator Richard Di Natali the leader of the Australian Greens was on Q&A last night on ABC television.  This man is an activist who is pushing for same sex marriage which I have put my informed opinion to on a number of different occasions botj line and off line.

I have put his speech on same sex marriage to this blog entry so that all can read for themselves the Green debate towards this very controversial issue.

I wish to point this has nothing to do with love, that is a cop out and properganda to push a political issue to bring in a Cultural Marxist philosophical thinking to the world in a Communist style totalitarian system. Not even all the homosexuals in a relationship want to be married by the state. 

The media and Greens are pushing this cop out as part  of a major propaganda stunt to enforce fundamental changes to our marriage act. 

The real reason they do not want a plebiscite or for all to have there own say over this issue has nothing to do with hate speech (that is only a cop out to use as propaganda and justify their real agenda), is that if people know the real truth on same sex marriage it would be openly rejected. A parliamentary vote for same sex marriage will be based off Politics and push through very seious fundamental changes to the marriage act by stealth and the people have no say. 

This cold harline Marxism which is totalitarian in nature and this is forcing an issue upon all which in reality is not wanted by the Majority  of people. 

It has nothing to do with love as the Greens and the media would have you believe, it is cold hard politics and this will become like if not worst than Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany

We must all reject same sex marriage and the Greens interpretation of same sex marriage As Cultural Marxism is marriage equality and will push for a totalitarian state worst than what it was like under Stalinism (1917-1953) 

We must not have our fundamental principles changed and this is in the marriage act. If this is done we can say goodbye to the freedoms ee have had for over 150 years and hello to a Marxist/communist based style dictatorship based on homosexuality 

My own personal beliefs follow these lines as I see them as the truth concerning homosexual marriage. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
9.03 Teusday October 18th 2016

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Q&A Greens leader Richard Di Natali 

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