Saturday, 1 October 2016

Burns vs Sunol: I am bankrupt and can not pay $40,000 to Garry Burns he won by Default in Ncat

Burns vs Sunol cases - start of them

This was the start of many cases to follow made by fraus and judicial corruption as a Political axersise which came to around $40,000 being given to this man by 2013 who uses the courts and tells lies to serve a political agenda and serve his own peronal financial reward in doing thus. There has been over 75 complaints all based on circumstantial evidence which I totaly deny put against me in Ncat since this whole affair started in 2005 Collier vs Sunol 

I am bankrupt now, do not get discharged from bankruptcy untill February 2017, can not get the $40,000 to pay Garry for the Fraud and pergury he done to me over many years and just will not sell my home to pay this theif and fraudster, "and do not have to as it is in a trust fund" thus not in my name eventhough it was brought for me with my  money.   

Garry was Fined $4,400 for telling lies and comitting purgery against me in Waverly local court on the 5th August 2011 when he tried to get an AVO against me telling lies

If I had the extra $40,000 I would pay Garry the money and Piss Him off, ro save time and troubke, but I so Not apologize or give in as this theif and trouble maker tied me up for years in the courts blaming me for villification which I do not do, and will not stopmas I do not recognize the tribunal aa anything bu5 amset up based on lies from a fraudster and liar for politcal benefits of THIS GROUP AND OTHERS WITH THE SAME OBJECTIVES AND GAOLS

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.56 Sunday October 2nd 2016

My comments 

I am not going to pay $40,000 TO A MAN WHO WON this money by telling lies in a civil tribunal

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