Friday, 28 October 2016

Cashless society is coming

This is the fulfillment of prophetic discourse for over 2,000 years and no cash is far more than plastic or electronic money. This will mean control control upon all. 

With no cash does not mean that you do not need finance to buy and sell. Fiscal processed of buying and selling is an integral part of modern society. It must and will continue on to carry out daily life. 

On the contrary when all paper money is all gone you will have to work on a  line of credit and debit. You will get this credit/debit through a scanner and bar code. This will  leave a computer print on all who buys and sells and brings in total control upon all in society. This will become traceable by electronic finger prints so that a central government can see and authorize all transactions that take place.

This will bring us into a Orwellian style society where total control of all is gained in all areas of a persons life Cash by the way of coins and paper money means individual control and independence, 
No cash and Electronic Funds Transfer

(biblical prophecy is being fulfilled)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
5.55 Saturday October 29th 2016

My comments

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