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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Catholic church to be banned in the United States if it does not change its attitude toward Same sex Marriage

This is a very serious situation. The Roman Catholic church is the largest Christian Church in the world  (with over 1.66 billion in membership). 

This is very serious as it is doctrinal in the foundations of christian belief and interpretation of scripture that homosexuality is sin. If the largest Christian Church in the world is forced to change  its fundamental beleif to accept homosexuality as a human right. IF THE Catholic Church changes its fundamental beleifs regarding homosexuality all churches and religious exemptions will be radicaly changed and we will be forced to accept homosexuality (thus same  sex Marriage will become a human right).

This is the start of the coming one world order and then end times under Agenda 2030. I can see this as a radical change in Globalization and a fast move towards a one world government living under a Cultural Marxist philosophical (Political correctness) foundations of the coming one world government

As a conclusion: if the Catholic church is forced to change its doctrinal philosophy on homosexuality and same sex marriage, then all churches will be expected to change tomaccept same sex marriage and homosexuality as a human right and to come under the Anti Discrimination laws.

This is the homosexual Rights lobby being opressive and waging war on the churches back, we have no choice but to fight these people. EVEN THOUGH i am  not Roman Catholic, I am evangelical Pentecostal I still support the Roman Catholic church fully in this fight as we are fighting the Devil and our Spiritual/natural enemies in the Homsexual rights group (s)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
20.07 Sunday October 16th 2016


Catholic Church could be banned in the United States if it does not change its attitude towards same sex marriage 


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