Saturday, 1 October 2016

Chief Justice in the United States Court, sacked as a Christian same sex marriage against his faith

This is another example of us loosing religious freedoms of Belief in once free and western countries due to the rise of Cultural Marxism which incorporates Political Correctness. This is going to happen more and more as we head towards the full incorporation of Agenda 2030 (environmental sustainability treaty)

If the qorld foes down the samme path it is on, we are heading for a totalitarian state worst ofthe samme as Adolf Hitler and His Nazis or Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks in Russia 1917

History has habits of repeating itself and this is the road we are heading down if we allow we Allow Politcal correctness (Cultural Marxism) and their Marriage equality agenda to take over. 

This is why I am so anti  Marriage equality as I know the truth about the Political correctness Agenda we are facing in the present day. 

THE MAIN GRASP OF THIS POST IS : Christians who are faithful to God and refuse to acknowledge same sex Marriage  (also other non Christians as well that do not acknowledge same sex marriage)  could  easily face sanctions and refused positions in any power
power or Authority (eventualy they will undergo full on sanctions for not accepting same sex marriage and other related issues)
Written by John Christopher Sunol 
13.58 Sunday October 2nd 2016

My Comments 

Same sex marriage is Not Love, it is politics and Political correctness 

Cultural Marxism Frankfurt school of social thought and political correctness - and social engineering

Ian William and Political correctness 

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