Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Christians are loosing their right to reject sin "Christian Bakery case in the United states lost an appeal to reject backing a cake for same sex Marriage"

This is coming and it is  coming quickly, Same sex marriage and homosexuality is taking over and the world is turning wicked, similar to the days of 
Antiochus Epiphenes of old, "the forerunner of the Anti Christ which is yet to come"

Antioch us Epiphanes was a proto type of the Anti Christ as yet to come from the Old testament and this today is descending down to the degrading conditions he had, this Greek Emperor was so evil that there was no one as evil as him. He even wore a pigs head on him self, had sex orgies over the Holy of Holies in the Jewish temple and forced the Maccabees and Jews of this time to give honor to the Green father God Zeus whilst wearing a pigs head over the Jewish tabernacle and committed sex orgies to the Greek Goddess  Aphrodite in (Homosexual) sex orgies in the Jewish temple. 

This is what is coming and this area of a Christian Bakery loosing its appeal and being forced to service a same sex marriage is showing where the world is heading. 

This is only going to get worst and keep on going down hill until the Lord Jesus Christ steps foot again on the Mount of Zion and then He will bring it to an end. 

This is the beginning of the persecution of the church by the 

Conclusion: Christians are loosing all their right to Political correctness and Cultural Marxism Political Correct speach which in reality is not about equality as thought by people involved in this . THIS is the use of equality and Political correctness to being on a nightmare worst thanany other in the History of manwhich the short reign of Antiochus Epiphanese  (175 BC to 164 BC) during the timeod the Macabees was a proto type of in the Old Testamentas spoken of in the book of Daniel chapters 9 and 11.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.17 on Tuesday October 25th 2016

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Darkness coming to the world, 

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