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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cultural Marxism and war on the traditional family/Its importance to the 21st Century

This is one of the main running issues of today. This has taken over from Femenism and is encrouching upm society at large, same sex marriage is  a major part of this.  Same sex marriage is all Politics and nothing to do with Love Cultural Marxist philosophical thinking and political lobby to take away our rights of free speech.

This is what is taking me to court to try and force me ro shut up  and this is what is pushing for same sex marriage - same sex marriage is very political, it has not a thing to do with Love between two men or two woman, it is all politics being forced on us from this Cultural Marxist Political philosophy

7.55 Wednesday October 19th 2016

My comments 

Cultural Marxism and the war on the family is same sex marriage 

Why are we in decine - cultural Marxism 
( Political Correctness - marriage equality)

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