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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Donald Trump and Hillory Clintons third and Final Debate

I beleive that this election American Presidential election 2016 will go down in History as one of the greats (as is is so different that all past United States Presidential elections. Hillary Clinton is NOT only the first female to stand for the United States election, she also the first former 1st lady (wife of a former President Bill Clinton 1993-2001.)

Donald Trump   is  getting accusations of missapropriate sctions with woman 
(now a 10th woman is blaming Donald Trump of Groping her back in 1998 - 18 years ago) I am very concerned that false accusations could come out of the woodwork to accuse Donald Trump of things in actual fact  did not happen and these accusations could go back 15-20 years ago and becoming a magnet to many suck false accusations. 

I know this as a fact as I had false accusations from people To cause me to loose my Taxi authority in then pastand be refused a bus authority I was classified an unfot and  not proper person To drive a public vechile (Taxis and Buses) based on lies, false accusations and people committing purgery based on false accusations dliberately to hurt me

This election in America  (2016) is so controversial that false accusations could be  made (Like whappened to me) in my past cases. It is so easy for false accusations to come out against  Trump in a critical time like right now that it is a very difficult thing to sort out the lies designed to hurt Donald Trump from the Genuine complaints all accusations of sexual inappropriateness need to be taken as a possible lie designed to hurt Donald Trumps campaign as American President unless  they have solid evidence behind them that could pass the test for a criminal conviction in a court of law.

I will never accept that I vilified and it is all based on false lies and purgery  by those  whom took  me to court. This is the same with Donald Trump, false accusations could come out of the woodwork supposedly committed  15-20 years ago to hurt him in such a critical time.

I will be very interested to see the out come of this Historic election. WE ARE living in History making time right now (similar to 2001 with 9/11) This election 0f 2016 will be one of the Historical significant United States Presidential elections in all time (we are wittnessinf what is to be future history as it happens)

We all will know in three weeks time 
(8th November 2016) 
who becomes the next president of the 
United States of America

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
3.11 Friday October 21st 2016

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