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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

FRC Alert: Obama and left wing pedophile groups are on the march!

September 26, 2016
Dear Geoffrey,

Faith in Action

This past July in Philadelphia, the radical LGBTQ+ activist leaders had this stark message for Christians: We win, you lose.
Their goal is to exploit all the media attention focused on the upcoming election to further their agenda at the expense of your freedom to believe.
Through the power of prayer, faith in a holy God, and the strong presence of FRC on Capitol Hill and in key states around the country, we know His Truth will ultimately prevail. In the midst of this battle, we are called to stand and to be faithful no matter how much the Left mocks God and persecutes Christians.
Family Research Council stands on that truth, and I'm sure you do too! But taking a stand requires putting faith into action. Today, I am asking you to do just that.
FRC has just launched a Pre-Election Religious Freedom Campaign to counter the Left's dark agenda to destroy religious freedom in America.
But to do this, we must cut through the Left's blaring propaganda trumpeted by the mainstream media. That's why FRC must raise $175,000 as soon as possible. Your emergency gift today will help us reach this important goal and enable FRC to counter the mistruths of the Left with our own media blitz.
In the remaining weeks leading up to the election, FRC's Pre-Election Religious Freedom Campaign will expose the collusion between the Obama administration, radical left-wing groups, and a biased media to stamp out religious liberty.
If they want to use election publicity to attack religious freedom, we intend to use the same publicity to expose the ugly side of their agenda. FRC will increase our efforts to keep the growing threat to religious freedom in front of the American people.
The truth that the radicals don't want Christians to know.
Americans need to know the story of Aaron and Melissa Klein who lost their bakery because they wouldn't deny their faith and bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.
They need to know about the baseless attempt to drum Chaplain Wes Modder out of the Navy for his Christian beliefs on human sexuality.
And they need to know about Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, suspended from his job because of a book he wrote for a men's Bible study group.
And Kim Davis, a county clerk and new Christian, jailed because she didn't want her signature on a same-sex wedding certificate.
Consider that Christian florists, bakers, and photographers who cannot participate in a same-sex wedding as a matter of conscience are being financially ruined. Is that "free exercise" of religion? Obviously not, but the Left doesn't care. They're going ahead with their plans anyway.
Likewise, a Marine has been court-martialed for displaying a Bible verse. Employees who refuse to wear a rainbow ribbon during a company's gay pride celebration are ostracized. Veterans who say "God" in a speech are physically dragged out of military retirement ceremonies.
This is the "new America" they envision. They want to use the buzz of the election to push their interpretation of the Constitution -- which elevates sexual rights over religious rights.
During this election season, FRC must be at full strength to expose and oppose the cultural chaos and lawlessness infecting our nation.
How should you translate your faith into action?
First, pray unceasingly. The best way to stand is on our knees before God. Pray for those in authority that they would make the right decisions so that our freedoms are protected.
Pray that Christians will not sit out this election but go to the polls in droves and vote their values. It is critical that we elect leaders in Congress and at the state and local level who will take a firm stand for faith, family, and freedom.
Second: Support FRC's Pre-Election Religious Freedom Campaign with the most generous gift you can manage. FRC needs to raise $175,000 by the end of October to keep the growing threat to religious freedom before the American people via national public service ads on radio, television, newspapers, and the internet.
We cannot afford to falter. If we do nothing, we lose. I'm counting on you to stand with FRC today. Please support FRC's Pre-Election Religious Freedom Campaign today with your most generous gift.
If you value your freedom, use it now or you could very well lose it.
Thank you for once again standing with FRC.
Standing (Eph. 6:13),

Tony Perkins
P.S. Right now a collusion of radical LGBTQ+ organizations . . . the Obama administration . . . and a left-wing press are exploiting the chaos of this election season to take away your freedom to live your faith in all spheres of life.
In the short time left before Election Day, FRC must raise $175,000 to cut through all the mainstream media chatter that masks what's really at stake when we go to the polls in November -- our religious freedom.
Your investment in our work today is crucial for FRC's Pre-Election Religious Freedom Campaign to succeed. Thank you in advance for standing with us. With your help, we will save religious freedom in America.
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