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#FreeStacy and Luke McKee (UNHCR Refugee) banned from twitter, but gays who profess their love of raping kids are fine by Twitter's trust and Safety Lesbian Feminist ran board

Please see our previous post about Garry Burns and his close associate Peter Tatchell of Melbourne Australia who led the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras in 2010 who says "NOT ALL SEX WITH CHILDREN IS UNWANTED OR INDEED HARMFUL" including the video proving forensic links between the boylovers and boy rapists.


Of ‘Myths’ and Common Sense

Posted on | October 18, 2016 | 85 Comments
One of the basic propaganda tactics of the Left is to identify a cherished traditional belief as “myth,” and use this as a means of suggesting that opponents of leftist ideology are ignorant and prejudiced. We see this, for example, when the Left attacks any patriotic interpretation of American history as based in “myth.” It is a myth, left-wing intellectuals tell us, that the Pilgrims came to America seeking religious freedom, just like it is a myth that industrial capitalism is beneficial to society, and also a myth that radical Islam is a threat to world peace. All of this is about convincing us to trust intellectuals and distrust our own common sense.
The traditional values we learned from our parents and our churches are false consciousness, the Left wants us to believe, and anyone who argues in defense of those values is a hateful bigot in thrall to discredited myths. Feminists often use this tactic, but they certainly have no monopoly on it. Pedophiles also frequently use the same type of argument, and the editor of “Pedophiles About Pedophilia” (!!!) has a nasty habit of dismissing all of his critics as stupid, ignorant, prejudiced, etc. So when “Ender Wiggin” (as he calls himself) invoked the expert authority of “the scientists who actually study sexuality” against one of his critics, the need to defend common sense was apparent:
Because you are personally obsessed with this particular subject, you have accumulated a pile of references to “expert” sources that you can cite in support of your peculiar claims, so as to justify yourself in dismissing all critics as “narrow-minded idiots.” This is a crude tactic of propaganda, which can be (and is) used by advocates of every bogus belief system you could name — Islamic jihadists, Holocaust deniers, “climate change” doomsayers, etc. Bad causes supported by bad people generally produce bad arguments like yours, and your errors of logic and rhetoric are symptomatic of your problem. . . .
Not only are you sexually obsessed with children, but you are obsessed with convincing others that your perverse appetites are harmless, and you don’t want anyone connecting the dots between (a) your weird arguments, and (b) you, the actual human being who is making these weird arguments. You wish to avoid personal responsibility, and this itself is likewise symptomatic.
Pedophiles love to play the victim; they are prone to rationalizing their deviant preferences; and they viciously lash out at anyone who tries to hold them accountable for their wrongdoing. A psychologist coined the term “DARVO” (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) to describe this pattern of behavior, which is quite typical among sex offenders. We do not need any “experts,” however, but only common sense, to realize that the sex offender operates on a basis of secrecy and deception. . . .
Read the whole thing at Trust your common sense, and beware of anyone who calls your common sense belief a “myth.”

Australian Gay-Marriage Crusader Was Fugitive Wanted on Kiddie Porn Charge

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The fugitive Matthew Hynd with his lover Ali Choudhry in 2013.
Matthew Hynd, who made headlines in Australia as a supporter of gay marriage, was a fugitive from justice, wanted in the United States on child pornography charges. Hynd was sentenced to more than six years in federal prison earlier this month, after having been deported last year from Australia, where he had started a business and, along with his Pakistani boyfriend, campaigned for gay rights.
“In 2010, while Hynd was living and working in Albany, FBI Agents executed a search warrant on his home, after Hynd distributed child pornography images over the Internet,” the U.S. Department of Justice said in a press release. “Agents found hundreds of images of child pornography on Hynd’s computers. Hynd then fled the United States and returned to his native Australia.”
Hynd had been a professor at New York’s SUNY Albany Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, but became addicted to both methamphetamine and child pornography, his lawyer told Judge Mae D’Agostino at a May 3 sentencing hearing. U.S. prosecutors described Hind as “manipulative and attempting to falsely blame a friend for the child pornography,” according to the Australian News website:
Three days after the search warrant was executed [in 2010], Hynd bought an airline ticket to fly from New York to Casablanca, Morocco, and the next day he boarded the flight.
He left his job in Albany without providing notice to his employer and prosecutors said flight records showed Hynd “travelled around the world before landing in Australia, where he is a citizen”.
Hynd was indicted in the US in 2012, extradited from Australia in August 2015, and entered guilty pleas to distribution and possession of child pornography charges. . . .
Judge D’Agostino ordered Hynd also serve a lifetime term of supervised release after he leaves jail and to pay $US1000 in restitution to one of his child pornography victims.
However, as activist Luke McKee reported on his @VGB_OPSEC Twitter account, Hynd had become something of an LGBT celebrity while a fugitive in Australia. In March 2012, he and his lover Ali Choudhry were featured in a profile story in the Brisbane Courier-Mail after they were granted a civil union license in Queensland, which was voided in a controversial act by the province’s conservative government.

The couple later made news because Choudhry, who had come to Australia on a student visa in 2009, was facing deportation to his native Pakistan. In a 2013 profile at the Australian LGBT site Same Same, Choudry described how he met Hynd:
As with all great modern romances we met online, in February 2010. I was studying in Australia and Matt was working with the New York State Department of Health. Over the next few months we spoke on the phone, texted and Skyped — which is harder than it sounds because of the 14-hour time difference.
In August of 2010, Matt came on a holiday back to Australia where we were able to finally meet in person. We knew right then and there that it was meant to be. After a lot of thought, Matt quit his job and moved to Australia in December 2010. On February 13, 2014 we will celebrate our four-year anniversary.
Choudhry’s claim that Hynd came to Australia “on a holiday” when, in fact, the professor was fleeing federal charges in the U.S., raises the question of whether Choudhry knew of Hynd’s interest in child pornography, and possibly shared it, since their online “romance” occurred during the months immediately preceding the search warrant that prompted Hynd’s flight. Yet the fact that Hynd had been indicted in the U.S. was not known to the Australian LGBT activists who supported an online fundraising appeal Choudhry and Hynd made in 2013:
That appeal (“Support Love – A Gay Love Story”) raised more than $6,000 — easily doubling their original goal — and in 2014, Choudhry was granted an extension on his visa. Meanwhile, Hynd had started a business, Slurp Tea, that got publicity in Brisbane media:
The report of Matthew Hynd’s sentencing in the Courier-Mail this month made no reference to his high-profile past as “Chief Tea Guru” and a prominent gay-rights activist widely covered in Australian media.
Nor is this the first time Australia’s media has promoted pedophiles in the name of gay rights. In 2010, the Australian Broadcasting Company featured a story headlined “Two Dads Are Better Than One” about Peter Truong and Mark Newton, who said their son was conceived in 2005 with the assistance of a Russian surrogate mother. Three years later, however, Truong and Newton were convicted of sexually exploiting the boy:
Police believe the pair had adopted the boy “for the sole purpose of exploitation.” The abuse began just days after his birth and over six years the couple travelled the world, offering him up for sex with at least eight men, recording the abuse and uploading the footage to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network.
Another prominent gay activist, former University of Southern California Professor Walter Lee Williams, was sentenced to five years in prison in 2014 for “flying to the Philippines and sexually assaulting underage boys he had met online.” Williams had been a fugitive in Mexico but was apprehended in 2013 after being named to the FBI’s Most Wanted List:
Recognition for Williams’ educational work included the USC General Education Outstanding Teacher Award in 2006. But his academic work was a cover for his criminal activity, according to prosecutors.
Williams taught anthropology, gender studies and history at USC for about two decades until he quit in 2011. Under the guise of academic research on sexuality in the Southeast Asia/Pacific region, he repeatedly traveled to the area, prosecutors said.
Federal prosecutors alleged that the author and Fulbright Award winner used those trips to sexually assault underage boys. Investigators believe he has at least 10 victims across Southeast Asia, aged 9 to 17.
Williams engaged in Webcam sex sessions with two boys, aged 13 and 14, in the Philippines in 2010, prosecutors alleged. The next year, he traveled to the country and sexually assaulted both boys and a 15-year-old boy, according to the plea agreement.
While there, he also had sexual contact with three other 16-year-old boys, records show. When he returned to Los Angeles International Airport on Feb. 11, 2011, he was stopped and child pornography was found on him.
The professor fled Los Angeles a week after being interviewed by the FBI. An attorney for USC last year provided the FBI with materials the professor donated to the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives that contained “lascivious visual depictions of minors,” according to the plea agreement.
Professor Williams was co-editor of a 1997 book, Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia, and also co-edited the 2003 book Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States: A Documentary History.

Yes, The key point to remember here is that the photographer admitted @DFAT in order to get his visa application that he was in a long-distance-relationship with Dr "Jeckle" Matthew Hydn since Feb 2010- i.e. "4 years before their 2013" Visa application (E&OE Robert Stacy McCain nailed this factoid better than I did). The INFANT SEX child porn was downloaded by Matthew in 2010. Therefore Ali the Muslim photographer who got a child porn fugitive to sponsor him for his visa MUST BE DEPORTED from Australia on CHARACTER CONCERNS GROUNDS as per Australian immigration law. Someone start a petition. Maybe we too can get 143,000 signatures to get him deported.
Watch the gays campaign to keep him in the country..

For those who want to know more, here are some research links!
Doing a radio show tonight about Australian immigration and their corruption in this and other matters!
6PM EST. Call in or just listen / chat.

Wow the Green Left Even Got Little boys to fight for the right of a gay infant sex lover child porn fugitive to keep his photographer boyfriend in the country who was an illegal immigrant overstayer trying to play the system. The wish of this little boy and Greens Gay Rights Spokesperson Lee Rhiannon to keep a gay infant sexing child rapist's boyfriend in the country was answered

Listen to the illegal overstay beg for this visa, and saying the need of a pedophile to +1 in his mate into the country is a "gay rights" issue.

Massive scandal just broke last night in Australia too Bill and you are talking to the source! You just gotta see this!
Australian Gay Marriage activists child pornographer got all the gay media, Australian Marriage Equality, The Greens Sarah Hanson/Lee Rhiannon, Getup -130,000 signatures the ABC to support him over-rule immigration and get a visa for his photographer Pakistani Muslim boyfriend.
On top of all that, all this gay activism got them $6.2k
Same videos on crowd funding site removed from you-tube as of this morning - all data backed up by yours truly. Nowhere to hide buddy!
This will sink the Gay Marriage in Australia. This is the Second time that ABC Queensland gave a platform to a paedophile, and this time the gay activist seeking the limelight was on the run from the FBI Since 2010, Interpol Warrant Since 2012, praised by the secular left in 2014.
Rolling updates are on my twitter.
News links to back up these claims: 22098-052
http://sarah-hanson-young.gree... <- Sentoran Miltant Amniesty International Antifa pedo suspect who demands that all churches loose religious exemptions to force gay marriages in mosques too. <- india because it's anti-pakistan pro gay stuff. <- Pakistan is waiting for him <- rodney croome's bitches in tasmania head of Australian Marriage equality saying pedophiles need to bring in their sex partners in crime. <- sbs linking to the same video this queer muslim gay activist child pornographer sponsored visa wh#$@ removed!

I've seen worse.
I've seen Bakersfield Paedophile Christopher Kent Bowersox cop in person attempted to murder me in 2005. He also took away my first born child by his actions I have never met. But you can't have gays even if they take away your first born. It could be worse, they could have raped my kid like they rape many other peoples kids. That's the only bright side to this story.
He ran Bakersfield Graffiti dot com and admitted to the media his job description was chasing down 12-14 year old boys all day. Look at him say here if your kid likes art and has some spay cans under the bed, give him onto me your local gay child raping pedo cop.
Oh it's taken down / redirects but some other lame police syndicated his article.
He identified as gay after his arrest too, before he plead guilty.
It's not hard to find where a registered gay child sex offender who plots to rape young boys in Cambodia, be like Jeffrey Dahlmer (he said it) and fret over his adult Latino boyfriend who stalked my old twitter account the queer activists in Australia censored.
Watch the Bakersfield police chief saying he's a professional gay police officer because he's only trying to rape kids of duty, but that doesn't explain the stakeout photos he took of the Bakersfield High School boys in other MSM media reports.

Then here is where it really gets sick. He said he only became depraved in 2006 when he saw two children die from a hand grenade exposition. This next video shows he joined beastforum dot com to download that gays getting animals to have sex with young children beastailty videos in 2005. So either 1) He did perjury in sentencing in which case he should be prosecuted. 2) What actually happened - the FBI accepted he's a queer cop that testified truthfully under oath that as a homosexual he believes that gays getting animals to have sex with children is not a depraved act, and he spoke the truth in his eyes and only got a 2 year sentence with 120 months internet ban which he violated his parole on.

More information at websluths who were on it before me.
(my comments censored)
And a whole lot more research I have in my archives available on request via email (Mozilla maff archive files). Ask me on my radio show. The DA in my case (that I later won after he was kicked out ) was none other than Edward Jagles the very same man who framed up innocent people with "Satanic Ritual Abuse" to get elected as exposed by Sean Penne in the documentary Witch Hunt whilst the "Lords of Bakersfield" run amok abusing children left right and centre.

or in HD

  • As was Obama's mentor and suspected biological father, Frank Marshall Davis, the man on the FBI's list as the first person to be arrested should war between the US and the USSR break out. Obama Sr was just along for the ride, providing just a smidgen of legitimacy for that far from immaculate conception.
    If the Devil wanted to conceive a son, he would have sired Obama

  • I loved that movie and downloaded it on KickArseTorrents

    You get to see Obama's real mother doing porn shots with Obama's real dad. I have more dirt on Obama and his choice of gay dads ambassadors aka Mr / Google "Djakata Djournal Septi" Your tax dollars at work promoting a gay ambassador who disregards the laws of the countries he was assigned to, who just bought two black babies from America then had a party here paid with your tax dollars to fly all his favourite gay singers to a Gay Bar in Hanoi to Celebrate "Gay Family" in a country where it's illegal for gay couples to obtain custody of children by any means. You should call into my radio show sometime.
    It's also funny because as we know Obama was schooled in Muslim Sharia law in Indonesia and knows they have a Fatwah against homosexuality. But Gay fake Muslims do exist, the partner of the photographer in this story identified as one to get a visa from a infant sex child pornographer who had direct communication with some of the actual child abusers. The state department tells American Citizens to obey the laws of the countries they are in - unless they are a queer with diplomatic immunity.
    I met this guy in person once just after he landed when he came to his first interview at VietnamNet tv station under my office on the 4th floor. That's another story all together..... (and a big one)
    P.S. He also calls his sex partner "Husband" even though the Democrats who put him where he is are trying to outlaw the word "husband" and make "Gender Neutral" law.
    Ted's "Husband" ...

    Recently he just bought a second child.

    • What's Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg doing in the picture?

      I gave link to where I got the picture from. some queer out dot com love the baby buyers link. The first pictures above are a different child, a child they failed to buy in a Muslim Country Indonesia as the first gay baby flesh buyers with diplomatic immunity. Their plot failed there and as US diplomatic representatives they called the Muslim leaning government of Indonesia homophobic.
      In Australia the peak gay Magazine for South Australia is named BLAZE after the Wood Royal Commission into protecting pedophiles whitewash cover-up inquiry at least found out that stood for "BOY LOVERS AND ZUCCHINI EATERS"

      Here is a leaked document from the Current Royal Commission into gays raping kids about Justice James Wood being a gay child raping paedophile himself, who didn't want to investigate those lawyers having sex with young boys in Kings Cross because he was one of them and wrote "We are not here to scandalize the judiciary" or something very close to that in the transcripts. Listen to a radio interview from ex Cop set up by "Roger the Dodger" with Murder for exposing Catherine Burn's Mentor Lola Scott giving P16 immunity forms to Robert "Dolly" Dunn Australia's most infamous paedophile until recently.
      And as usual #ABCNEWS24 Praised the gay icon pedophile!

      Notice the police arrest scene in the video's intro is from an early gay protest in Sydney ;) See they are full of faggots. Hidden subliminal messages everywhere for those who research them in detail.

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