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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Gay marriage is part of a broad agenda by the cultural Maxist Political correctness to change society by stealth


Same sex marriage is part of a left wing Cultural Marxist agenda
This war on the traditional family as a breakdown in society to bring us into a totalitarian dictatorship under a Communist/Nazi/Stalinist style totalitarian system using equal right and Marriage equality as a tool of propaganda to bring these totalitarian dictatorship's on. 

I suggest all read these documents I want to share with all amd take note as this agenda is part of Agenda 2030. This is real and proves the real meaning of same sex marriage has nothing to do with love. It is part of a left wing Political correctness which is taking over the whols os society by the propagamda on both social media and the mainline media.

This is a designed Politcal attack on the family Unit and same sex marriage has absolutely nothing to do with Love, that is all properganda to deceive the masses. Similar to what Joseph Goebbels used for the Nazi in Germany after Hitler as the Chancellor of the third Riech in March 1933. Joseph Goebbels (Hitlers Propaganda Minister) 

A whole lot of propagation and brainwashing is being put out by These Groups and other affiliated groups that are also left wing Cultural Marxist groups

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
At 20.16 Saturday October 1st 2016

My comments 

Same sex marriage is very politcal Cultural Marxism or Political correctness 

Political correctness is same sex Marriage 

Is homosexual marriage the Keystone of Cultural Marxism or Politcal correctness 

The History of Political correctness 

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