Sunday, 16 October 2016

Gods Miraculous Universe

The earth is created and part of Gods original Miracles at the beginning of creation. I do not beleive in Evolution and I wish to debunk this theory as part of the cultural Marxist agenda and a fools paradise.

This you tube I put on goes on for over an hour and talks on the creation and how God miraculously created the heavens and the earth just as the bible said, in 7 days (whether this is to be literal or a metaphor I am not going into that in this blog entry but I will state it is all a miracle from what I am about to put on this blog and is new information coming our of Nasa and the astronomers searching the University with Hubble telescope, Kepler Telescope and other space telescopes and modern technology

(doing a mathematical calculation of an average of 4 planets per star on average - where as the star system which the earth is in has 9 planets - Mercury/Venus/Earth/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto

in this calculation you could have over 3 trillion planets in our Milky way alone

Then it does not finish at that, 

We need to look at the amount of Galaxies in the Known Universe - the last official figure I saw online was  500+ billion galaxies, but last night on ABC television it came out that they discovered over 2 trillion Galaxies.  - if this is the case the Milky way is one of over 2 Trillion other Galaxies

When you look at the Maths this is beyond be able to reconcile this so for the Universe to form by some evolution it is not only illogical but it is also impracticable. The only answer we can give is creation, A miraculous God created the Universe when we look at these massive figures

Then in 2018 we are about to find out a whole host more with a new generation of space telescopes on the Horizon to be launched in 2018/19 (James T Webb

The only way that such a Universe could come around is by a Miracle of God as any other way for the formation of the Universe and all that is with it is illogical and does not makes sense. 

Thus all evolution is and can be seen as is (Old wife'says  tales that live in the land of La La Land and the fairies)

Written by John Christopher Sunol
15.48 on Monday October 17th 2016

My comments

Evolution has not a leg to stand on 

Evolution is old wifes tales and a bunch of fairy stories - the only possible answer is Gods miraculous creations 

Miracle of Gods creation

6 Tones of Creation


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