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Friday, 21 October 2016

I am the Happy little homophobe living in my joy: Willing to encourage others to live like me

It is a great thing to be classified Homophobic. Contary to popular beleif homophobia is a great attribute to have in your life. To be homopobic IS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY HATE.

To be designated as a homophobe is to reject sin. Homosexuality is sin (and worst of  all same sex marriage is wickedness before God as it is normalizing what is a sinful act to  be seen  in  the light as a Godly union. This is wickedness before and it shall shurely bring down Gods wrath at all  whome enter  into this style of Union. 

So I am willing to publicaly state I do not and can not accept homosexuality as I need to remain the light of the people amd retain Gods blessings and favour and homosexuality keeps us from going into the Lords blessings as we have sin in our lifes. Same sex marriage is wickedness before God and very politcal and this heading down a line of disaster to even recognis same sex marriage as anything other than evil  and comitting wickedness before God. All of those who enter intot this  marriage are oppresses and if you do not come out of this to  ask for  forgiveness you willmbe possessed by demons and living a total lie.

That is all I will state and this is my official explanations concerning these matters. 
I would like to also state that I am ever to willing to encourage others to become homophobic like me and I will revel in encouraging this to as many people that is physically possible 
Written by John Christopher Sunol 
14.41 Saturday October 22nd 2016

My comments 

I made a number of other videos on YouTube on this matter but some one has taken them off line, well then I am back and a homophobe and proud of this

Note: I am overjoyed with the prospect of going around (travelling around) spreading the messages of the joy for you obtain a signifcant badge on your spiritual life towards being classified   homophobic and actively encouraging others to not only become like me:a happy little homophobe living in their joy but encouraging them to recruit their friends to the joys of becoming a designated a homphobe thus spreading this message and evangelising others to become classified homophobic. Then publicaly reject sane sex marriage and the Cultural Marxist Agitators or left wing Femenism

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