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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I do not have the $49,500 to pay Garry and I will not and can not get it, I am bankrupt

John Christopher Sunol court Cases

Garry has registered a debt for $49,500 (very close to $50,000) for all the cases he has won. I do not recognise this debt and I can not pay as I am bankrupt so he will get nothing. He can not tale my home from me as it is fully payed for back on 1984 with no real morgage but I was lucky as it is in a trust company and he can not get it. So if I have to do a second bankruptcy then so be it but I can not AND WILL NOT PAY THIS MAN AS HE TELLS LIES TO WIN MONEY. 

This is alot of money to thw average person but not much at all when you speak of a mortage and of I ever did sell my house I could pay him and piss him off but I am NOt going to do that. 

I am NOT ZORRY FOR THESE PAST cases and would go through all of this again with pleasure as the point I put to the world on same sex marriGe ect is far more important than a mere $50,000. It is a matter of principle fighting evil and I am willing to take any punishment if it means being  faithful to God and rejecting evil, sin and wickedness. 

An eternity in Glory with Jesus is far more valuable than just a mere $50,000. ($49,500 to be exact) what is going on in the world today is wickedness under the eyes of (especially when I see on ABC morning show this morning, Wednesday October 12th 2015 - two homosexual men living as though they were ,arried and sjowing a 4 year old girl as thier daughter, this makes me angry to see this happening so brazenly at 7.30 am on the ABC breakfast show, 10 years ago this just would not have happened. 

To finish this off this man Garry who brought all of this on told lies in Waverly local court on the 16th August 2011 - purgered himself to get me in trouble, was caught out and fined $4,800 and he is such a brzen liar who purgers himswlf, never paid this. 

I have no choice but to fight this man and as a matter or principle I will jist do that through the court and never give as I know  that I am on the high ground and he is on the low ground 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
20.47 Wednesday October 12th 2016

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